Fall 2021 Registration

COVID-19 Updates

UPDATE 20-May-2021:

Limited Spectators

Due to field capacity and the need to maintain social distancing PYSA will be maintaining the 2 Spectators per
child for all practices and games.


Masks are required to be worn by all players, coaches, referees, and spectators to and from the field, if they can not maintain six (6) feet apart

  1.  While on the field of play, players are not required to wear a mask. They can wear one if they want to.   
    1. Masks for players must be one that go over the EAR LOOP TYPE ONLY.
  2. Players must wear a mask on the sideline if they are not six (6) feet apart
  3. Any Child that Physically cannot wear a mask must provide a doctor note and sign a waiver
  4.  All Coaches and spectators must wear a mask if they can not maintain six (6) feet apart from anyone else that is not in your household.

    Contact Tracing

    1. Your team’s Coach or COVID Coordinator will be recording all players and coaches who are in attendance at each soccer event. 
    2. These records will be used to help the Peabody Health Department and Peabody Soccer to notify individuals in the event of a possible or confirmed case of COVID 19

    COVID Health Confirmation

    1. Players and Coaches must answer 4 questions to be allowed onto the field.  This need to be done before any practice, game or team event.  The results must be provided to the PYSA COVID Officer, (Kathleen Minette - kathleenminette@gmail.com). 

    For more detailed information please see our COVID pages:

    For the Month of April

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