Fall 2023 Registration

Fall 2023 Registration is open click  here to register

For more information about Registration, please go to the Online Registration page 

Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance

The new 2023 Codes of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policy from Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association for all Coaches, Parents, Players and Referees can be seen here 

Travel Coaches for 2023 - 2024


Grade 3: Tim McKeen
Grade 4: Alex Kalianidis
Grade 3/4 Mixed:

Grade 5: John Catania
Grade 6: Charlie Vlachos
Grade 5/6 Mixed: Michael Lambert

Grade 7: Jack Cunha
Grade 8: Brett Hollins
Grade 7/8 Mixed: 


Grade 3: Stephanie Scalese
Grade 4: Rachel Ritos
Grade 3/4 Mixed: Amy Cosimelli

Grade 5: Pina Daniel
Grade 6: Joshua Palen
Grade 5/6 Mixed:

Grade 7: Melanie Vinagro
Grade 8: Michelle Close
Grade 7/8 Mixed: Michael Cacete