In order to have a season we must comply with all regulations set forth by the State of Massachusetts, Mass Youth Soccer, and Local Authorities. Per those regulations the league will be following the standards below; which are subject to change depending upon guidance from authorities.

For the latest information from Mass Youth, you can find that information at this site:
Mass Youth has put this disclaimer on the website:

"Mass Youth Soccer requires all adults involved in soccer activities to read, understand, and conduct themselves in accordance with the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association COVID-19 Return to Soccer Activities Guidelines as provided by this web site."

COVID Health Confirmation

  1. Players and Coaches must answer 3 questions to be allowed onto the field.  This needs to be done before any practice, game, or team event.
    1. You can use an app to collect this data (an example of an app is ‘Team App’.  Team App is free and can be set up for parents to attest). 
    2. Each Team will have a COVID Coordinator and/or Coach that will take physical attendance of players, coaches and spectators at both games and practices. They will record info on the weekly log and submit a copy to
      1. Copies will need to be held on to until the end of the season plus 3 weeks. 
    3. Questions that must be answered before every practice, game or event are:
      1. Are you sick? (Temp. of 100.3 degrees, cough, difficulty breathing, chills etc.)
      2. Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or have been encouraged to self-quarantine?
      3. Have you traveled outside of the State of MA for longer than 24hrs? If so, have you quarantined or can you provide proof of a Negative COVID Test?
    4. Any response to these questions as ‘Yes’, that person (players or coach) cannot come to that practice, game, or team event until they meet one the requirements below.
      1. Cleared by a Health Care Professional
      2. Show proof of Negative COVID Test
      3. Completed the required quarantine period


  1. Masks are required to be worn by all players, coaches, referees, and spectators to and from the field
    1. Masks for players must be one that go over the EAR LOOP TYPE ONLY. 
    2. Players can only take their mask off during water breaks or medical emergency. The mask must be put back on before resuming activity.
    3. Any Child that Physically cannot wear a mask must provide a doctor note and sign a waiver.

Limited Spectators

  1. Due to field capacity and the need to maintain social distancing PYSA will be maintaining the 2 Spectators per child for all practices and games.

Hygiene Practices

  1. Shared equipment use is not allowed so all players must have their own equipment for each soccer event.
    1. The following is a list of supplies each player should have.
      1. Game Shirt
      2. Light and Dark Colored Shirt for practice
      3. Shin Guards
      4. Soccer Ball (Size 3,4,or5 based off age group)
      5. Goalie Gloves (Only If Child wants to play Goal)
      6. Soccer Cleats
      7. Water Bottle with Name on it
      8. Ear Loop Masks
      9. Tissues
      10. Hand Sanitizer
      11. Towel or chair to sit on
      12. Pinney (Travel Teams Only)
    2. Each player will have a designated area to place their belongings during practice and socially distance from other teammates (6 feet)
    3. All equipment should be cleaned, disinfected or laundered after each use


  1. PPE will be provided to all Coaches and Staff by the league
    1. The following items will be included and can be replenished if needed
      1. Hand Sanitizer
      2. Masks Adult and Kid size (Grades PK - 3/4)
      3. Wipes
      4. Gloves


  1. Only coaches and staff should be handling coaching equipment (cones, ladders, etc.) No child can help or touch any equipment.  At the end of training, all equipment used must be disinfected.
  2. Coaches are being asked to wipe down goal posts after each game or practice.


  1. Coaches and referees will be using electric or hand-controlled whistles so that they don’t need to remove their masks

Fields and Times

  1. Practices need to take place on division appropriate field.
    1. If you need to reschedule a practice, please confirm with your Division Coordinator that space is available; in most cases you will need to utilize the smaller fields as larger field space is limited.
  2. On game day players should arrive to the field no more than 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. 
  3. Each Field will be marked with a designated spectator zone. This area will allow for Spectators to wrap behind goal posts to allow for the most physical distancing possible.

The links below will connect you to the Coaches and COVID Coordinator checklists and other resources.,_2021.pdf