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- 15-May-2021: The schedules listed on this page are being adjusted for Grade 1/2 Boys and Girls starting with week #3. Currently only Week #3 16-May-2021, Week #4 23-May-2021, Week #5 06-June-2021, and Week #6 13-June-2021 have been adjusted. Please check back
For Intown (PYSA):
- For Grades 3-4 and 5-6, the Home team wears blue and the Away team wears white.

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PYSA - Grade K

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39729SaturdayMay 1, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11GermanyDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
39727SaturdayMay 1, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10FranceEgyptU-6 Saturday A
39725SaturdayMay 1, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9BelgiumHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39726SaturdayMay 1, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10USAVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
39730SaturdayMay 1, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9MexicoNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39728SaturdayMay 1, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11PortugalSwedenU-6 Saturday B
39733SaturdayMay 8, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11EgyptGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39731SaturdayMay 8, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10HondurasDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
39735SaturdayMay 8, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9BelgiumFranceU-6 Saturday A
39736SaturdayMay 8, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9USAPortugalU-6 Saturday B
39734SaturdayMay 8, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11SwedenMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39732SaturdayMay 8, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10VenezuelaNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39741SaturdayMay 15, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9DenmarkEgyptU-6 Saturday A
39739SaturdayMay 15, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11GermanyBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
39737SaturdayMay 15, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10FranceHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39742SaturdayMay 15, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9NetherlandsSwedenU-6 Saturday B
39738SaturdayMay 15, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10PortugalVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
39740SaturdayMay 15, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11MexicoUSAU-6 Saturday B
39747SaturdayMay 22, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9FranceGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39745SaturdayMay 22, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11BelgiumDenmarkU-6 Saturday A
39743SaturdayMay 22, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10HondurasEgyptU-6 Saturday A
39744SaturdayMay 22, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10VenezuelaSwedenU-6 Saturday B
39746SaturdayMay 22, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11USANetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39748SaturdayMay 22, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9PortugalMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39757SaturdayJun 5, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11EgyptFranceU-6 Saturday A
39755SaturdayJun 5, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10HondurasBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
39759SaturdayJun 5, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9DenmarkGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39758SaturdayJun 5, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11SwedenPortugalU-6 Saturday B
39756SaturdayJun 5, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10VenezuelaUSAU-6 Saturday B
39760SaturdayJun 5, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9NetherlandsMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39761SaturdayJun 12, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10DenmarkHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39763SaturdayJun 12, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11GermanyEgyptU-6 Saturday A
39765SaturdayJun 12, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9FranceBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
39762SaturdayJun 12, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10NetherlandsVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
39764SaturdayJun 12, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11MexicoSwedenU-6 Saturday B
39766SaturdayJun 12, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9PortugalUSAU-6 Saturday B
39751SaturdayJun 19, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11DenmarkFranceU-6 Saturday A
39749SaturdayJun 19, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10GermanyHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39753SaturdayJun 19, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 9EgyptBelgiumU-6 Saturday A
39750SaturdayJun 19, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10MexicoVenezuelaU-6 Saturday B
39754SaturdayJun 19, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 9SwedenUSAU-6 Saturday B
39752SaturdayJun 19, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11NetherlandsPortugalU-6 Saturday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39676SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12BluWild ThingsU-8 Sunday A
39678SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13Bolt LightningThe ChargesU-8 Sunday A
39682SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15Cobrai KaiPeabody InfernoU-8 Sunday A
39680SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14BanditsPredatorsU-8 Sunday A
39681SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15SonicsPeabody BlazeU-8 Sunday B
39679SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14Superheros UnitedThe DragonsU-8 Sunday B
39677SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13The TitansOttersU-8 Sunday B
39686SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13PredatorsCobrai KaiU-8 Sunday A
39688SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14The ChargesBanditsU-8 Sunday A
39690SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15BluBolt LightningU-8 Sunday A
39684SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12Wild ThingsPeabody InfernoU-8 Sunday A
39687SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15The TitansSuperheros UnitedU-8 Sunday B
39685SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14The DragonsSonicsU-8 Sunday B
39683SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13OttersPeabody BlazeU-8 Sunday B
39692SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12Bolt LightningWild ThingsU-8 Sunday A
39694SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13BanditsBluU-8 Sunday A
39696SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14Cobrai KaiPeabody InfernoU-8 Sunday A
39698SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15The ChargesPredatorsU-8 Sunday A
39693SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15Peabody BlazeThe DragonsU-8 Sunday B
39691SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14SonicsThe TitansU-8 Sunday B
39689SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13Superheros UnitedOttersU-8 Sunday B
39704SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14BluCobrai KaiU-8 Sunday A
39700SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12Wild ThingsPredatorsU-8 Sunday A
39702SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13The ChargesBolt LightningU-8 Sunday A
39706SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15Peabody InfernoBanditsU-8 Sunday A
39699SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15Superheros UnitedSonicsU-8 Sunday B
39695SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13OttersThe DragonsU-8 Sunday B
39697SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14The TitansPeabody BlazeU-8 Sunday B
39720SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15BanditsCobrai KaiU-8 Sunday A
39716SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12Wild ThingsThe ChargesU-8 Sunday A
39719SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14Bolt LightningBluU-8 Sunday A
39718SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13Peabody InfernoPredatorsU-8 Sunday A
39707SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14OttersThe TitansU-8 Sunday B
39709SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15The DragonsSuperheros UnitedU-8 Sunday B
39711SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13Peabody BlazeSonicsU-8 Sunday B
39721SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12Cobrai KaiWild ThingsU-8 Sunday A
39722SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13Peabody InfernoBanditsU-8 Sunday A
39724SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15Bolt LightningBluU-8 Sunday A
39723SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14PredatorsThe ChargesU-8 Sunday A
39715SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14SonicsThe DragonsU-8 Sunday B
39713SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13Peabody BlazeOttersU-8 Sunday B
39717SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15Superheros UnitedThe TitansU-8 Sunday B
39714SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14PredatorsWild ThingsU-8 Sunday A
39710SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12The ChargesBolt LightningU-8 Sunday A
39708SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15BanditsBluU-8 Sunday A
39712SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 13Peabody InfernoCobrai KaiU-8 Sunday A
39703SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14Peabody BlazeSuperheros UnitedU-8 Sunday B
39705SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15The DragonsThe TitansU-8 Sunday B
39701SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13SonicsOttersU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39578SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10StrikersPanthersU-8 Sunday A
39580SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11Peabody PrideLightningU-8 Sunday A
39582SundayMay 2, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9The LionsRebelsU-8 Sunday A
39583SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10Mini TannersTornadosU-8 Sunday B
39581SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9The RocketsHurricanesU-8 Sunday B
39585SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11The BreakawaysThe Galaxy GirlsU-8 Sunday B
39579SundayMay 2, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12LadybugsArm Candy CoachesU-8 Sunday B
39588SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9StrikersPeabody PrideU-8 Sunday A
39584SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10PanthersRebelsU-8 Sunday A
39586SundayMay 9, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11LightningThe LionsU-8 Sunday A
39593SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9LadybugsThe RocketsU-8 Sunday B
39591SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12HurricanesMini TannersU-8 Sunday B
39587SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10Arm Candy CoachesThe Galaxy GirlsU-8 Sunday B
39589SundayMay 9, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11TornadosThe BreakawaysU-8 Sunday B
39594SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9RebelsLightningU-8 Sunday A
39590SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10StrikersPanthersU-8 Sunday A
39592SundayMay 16, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11The LionsPeabody PrideU-8 Sunday A
39599SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12The BreakawaysHurricanesU-8 Sunday B
39597SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11Mini TannersLadybugsU-8 Sunday B
39595SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10TornadosArm Candy CoachesU-8 Sunday B
39601SundayMay 16, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9The Galaxy GirlsThe RocketsU-8 Sunday B
39600SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9Peabody PrideThe LionsU-8 Sunday A
39598SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11StrikersRebelsU-8 Sunday A
39596SundayMay 23, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10PanthersLightningU-8 Sunday A
39609SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9The RocketsMini TannersU-8 Sunday B
39603SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10Arm Candy CoachesTornadosU-8 Sunday B
39605SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11LadybugsThe Galaxy GirlsU-8 Sunday B
39607SundayMay 23, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12HurricanesThe BreakawaysU-8 Sunday B
39608SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10PanthersStrikersU-8 Sunday A
39610SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11LightningPeabody PrideU-8 Sunday A
39612SundayJun 6, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9RebelsThe LionsU-8 Sunday A
39622SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9Mini TannersThe BreakawaysU-8 Sunday B
39619SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10Arm Candy CoachesHurricanesU-8 Sunday B
39620SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11LadybugsTornadosU-8 Sunday B
39621SundayJun 6, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12The RocketsThe Galaxy GirlsU-8 Sunday B
39614SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10RebelsPanthersU-8 Sunday A
39616SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11The LionsLightningU-8 Sunday A
39618SundayJun 13, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9Peabody PrideStrikersU-8 Sunday A
39625SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10TornadosThe RocketsU-8 Sunday B
39626SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11HurricanesLadybugsU-8 Sunday B
39623SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12The BreakawaysArm Candy CoachesU-8 Sunday B
39624SundayJun 13, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9The Galaxy GirlsMini TannersU-8 Sunday B
39602SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10The LionsPanthersU-8 Sunday A
39604SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11RebelsPeabody PrideU-8 Sunday A
39606SundayJun 20, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 9LightningStrikersU-8 Sunday A
39617SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 9TornadosHurricanesU-8 Sunday B
39615SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12The Galaxy GirlsLadybugsU-8 Sunday B
39611SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10Mini TannersArm Candy CoachesU-8 Sunday B
39613SundayJun 20, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11The BreakawaysThe RocketsU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39453SaturdayMay 1, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers
39452SaturdayMay 1, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2MustangsJaguars
39455SaturdayMay 8, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1MustangsPanthers
39454SaturdayMay 8, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsTigers
39457SaturdayMay 15, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersMustangs
39456SaturdayMay 15, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2PanthersJaguars
39459SaturdayMay 22, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersPanthers
39458SaturdayMay 22, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsMustangs
39463SaturdayJun 5, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1MustangsTigers
39462SaturdayJun 5, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsPanthers
39464SaturdayJun 12, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2MustangsJaguars
39465SaturdayJun 12, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers
39460SaturdayJun 19, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2TigersJaguars
39461SaturdayJun 19, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersMustangs

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39467SaturdayMay 1, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1SharksStingrays
39466SaturdayMay 1, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2DolphinsTidal Wave
39469SaturdayMay 8, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsSharks
39468SaturdayMay 8, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveStingrays
39471SaturdayMay 15, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1StingraysDolphins
39470SaturdayMay 15, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2SharksTidal Wave
39473SaturdayMay 22, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1StingraysSharks
39472SaturdayMay 22, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveDolphins
39477SaturdayJun 5, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsStingrays
39476SaturdayJun 5, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveSharks
39478SaturdayJun 12, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2DolphinsTidal Wave
39479SaturdayJun 12, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1SharksStingrays
39474SaturdayJun 19, 202110:30AM U-10 Field 2StingraysTidal Wave
39475SaturdayJun 19, 202110:30AMU-10 Field 1SharksDolphins

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39193SaturdayMay 1, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5Red BullsRevolution U-12 Boys
39194SaturdayMay 8, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5RevolutionRed Bulls U-12 Boys
39195SaturdayMay 15, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5Red BullsRevolution U-12 Boys
39196SaturdayMay 22, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5RevolutionRed Bulls U-12 Boys
39198SaturdayJun 5, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5RevolutionRed Bulls U-12 Boys
39199SaturdayJun 12, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5Red BullsRevolution U-12 Boys
39197SaturdayJun 19, 202110:30AM U-12 Field 5Red BullsRevolution U-12 Boys

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39186SaturdayMay 1, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5FREEDOMSpirit U-12 Girls
39187SaturdayMay 8, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5SpiritFREEDOM U-12 Girls
39188SaturdayMay 15, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5FREEDOMSpirit U-12 Girls
39189SaturdayMay 22, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5SpiritFREEDOM U-12 Girls
39191SaturdayJun 5, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5SpiritFREEDOM U-12 Girls
39192SaturdayJun 12, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5FREEDOMSpirit U-12 Girls
39190SaturdayJun 19, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 5FREEDOMSpirit U-12 Girls

PYSA - Grades 7 & 8 Co-ed

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39200SaturdayMay 1, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Blue JaysHawks
39201SaturdayMay 8, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Hawks Blue Jays
39202SaturdayMay 15, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Blue JaysHawks
39203SaturdayMay 22, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Hawks Blue Jays
39205SaturdayJun 5, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Hawks Blue Jays
39206SaturdayJun 12, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Blue JaysHawks
39204SaturdayJun 19, 20211:00PM U-12 Field 5Blue JaysHawks