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04-September-2021: Grade 2 Blu and Grade 2 Universe have switched sessions.
17-September-2021: Kindergarten field assignments have been changed for all of the games.
The schedule has been updated

For Intown (PYSA):
- For Grades 3-4 and 5-6, the Home team wears blue and the Away team wears white.

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PYSA - Grade K

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39829SaturdaySep 11, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 13VenezuelaHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39825SaturdaySep 11, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 11GermanyPortugalU-6 Saturday A
39823SaturdaySep 11, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 10FranceCanadaU-6 Saturday A
39827SaturdaySep 11, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 12SwedenUSAU-6 Saturday A
39828SaturdaySep 11, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 12NetherlandsDenmarkU-6 Saturday B
39826SaturdaySep 11, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 11MexicoEgyptU-6 Saturday B
39824SaturdaySep 11, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 10BelgiumItaly U-6 Saturday B
39831SaturdaySep 18, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17CanadaHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39837SaturdaySep 18, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14FranceGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39833SaturdaySep 18, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16USAVenezuelaU-6 Saturday A
39835SaturdaySep 18, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15PortugalSwedenU-6 Saturday A
39834SaturdaySep 18, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15BelgiumMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39832SaturdaySep 18, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16EgyptNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39830SaturdaySep 18, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17Italy DenmarkU-6 Saturday B
39839SaturdaySep 25, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14GermanyCanadaU-6 Saturday A
39845SaturdaySep 25, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15HondurasUSAU-6 Saturday A
39841SaturdaySep 25, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17SwedenFranceU-6 Saturday A
39843SaturdaySep 25, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16VenezuelaPortugalU-6 Saturday A
39840SaturdaySep 25, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15DenmarkEgyptU-6 Saturday B
39836SaturdaySep 25, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17MexicoItaly U-6 Saturday B
39838SaturdaySep 25, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16NetherlandsBelgiumU-6 Saturday B
39847SaturdayOct 2, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17CanadaUSAU-6 Saturday A
39851SaturdayOct 2, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15FranceVenezuelaU-6 Saturday A
39853SaturdayOct 2, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14GermanySwedenU-6 Saturday A
39849SaturdayOct 2, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16PortugalHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39844SaturdayOct 2, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16BelgiumDenmarkU-6 Saturday B
39842SaturdayOct 2, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17Italy EgyptU-6 Saturday B
39846SaturdayOct 2, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15MexicoNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39863SaturdayOct 16, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17CanadaPortugalU-6 Saturday A
39867SaturdayOct 16, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15GermanyHondurasU-6 Saturday A
39865SaturdayOct 16, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16FranceUSAU-6 Saturday A
39869SaturdayOct 16, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14SwedenVenezuelaU-6 Saturday A
39858SaturdayOct 16, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15DenmarkNetherlandsU-6 Saturday B
39854SaturdayOct 16, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17Italy BelgiumU-6 Saturday B
39856SaturdayOct 16, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16EgyptMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39872SaturdayOct 23, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16HondurasSwedenU-6 Saturday A
39874SaturdayOct 23, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14PortugalFranceU-6 Saturday A
39873SaturdayOct 23, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15USAGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39871SaturdayOct 23, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17VenezuelaCanadaU-6 Saturday A
39860SaturdayOct 23, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17DenmarkItaly U-6 Saturday B
39864SaturdayOct 23, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15MexicoBelgiumU-6 Saturday B
39862SaturdayOct 23, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16NetherlandsEgyptU-6 Saturday B
39859SaturdayNov 6, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 15HondurasFranceU-6 Saturday A
39855SaturdayNov 6, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 17SwedenCanadaU-6 Saturday A
39861SaturdayNov 6, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 14USAPortugalU-6 Saturday A
39857SaturdayNov 6, 20219:00AMU-8 Field 16VenezuelaGermanyU-6 Saturday A
39850SaturdayNov 6, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 16DenmarkMexicoU-6 Saturday B
39852SaturdayNov 6, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 15EgyptBelgiumU-6 Saturday B
39848SaturdayNov 6, 202110:45AMU-8 Field 17NetherlandsItaly U-6 Saturday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39943SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16BOLT LIGHTNINGPEABODY INFERNOU-8 Sunday A
39947SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14BANDITSCOBRAI KAIU-8 Sunday A
39945SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17 CHARGERSSUPERHEROSU-8 Sunday A
39949SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15PREDATORSUNIVERSEU-8 Sunday A
39944SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17WILD THINGSCANNONBALLSU-8 Sunday B
39950SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16FIRE BLAZEDRAGONSU-8 Sunday B
39948SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15SONICSOTTERSU-8 Sunday B
39946SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14 TITANSBLUU-8 Sunday B
39955SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16SUPERHEROSBANDITSU-8 Sunday A
39953SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15COBRAI KAIPREDATORSU-8 Sunday A
39957SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17BOLT LIGHTNING CHARGERSU-8 Sunday A
39951SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14PEABODY INFERNOUNIVERSEU-8 Sunday A
39954SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15OTTERSFIRE BLAZEU-8 Sunday B
39958SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17WILD THINGS TITANSU-8 Sunday B
39952SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14CANNONBALLSDRAGONSU-8 Sunday B
39956SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16BLUSONICSU-8 Sunday B
39961SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15BANDITSBOLT LIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
39959SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14 CHARGERSPEABODY INFERNOU-8 Sunday A
39963SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16PREDATORSSUPERHEROSU-8 Sunday A
39965SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17UNIVERSECOBRAI KAIU-8 Sunday A
39966SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17DRAGONSOTTERSU-8 Sunday B
39962SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15SONICSWILD THINGSU-8 Sunday B
39960SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14 TITANSCANNONBALLSU-8 Sunday B
39964SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16FIRE BLAZEBLUU-8 Sunday B
39973SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17 CHARGERSBANDITSU-8 Sunday A
39967SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14PEABODY INFERNOCOBRAI KAIU-8 Sunday A
39971SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16BOLT LIGHTNINGPREDATORSU-8 Sunday A
39969SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15SUPERHEROSUNIVERSEU-8 Sunday A
39972SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16WILD THINGSFIRE BLAZEU-8 Sunday B
39974SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17 TITANSSONICSU-8 Sunday B
39968SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14CANNONBALLSOTTERSU-8 Sunday B
39970SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15BLUDRAGONSU-8 Sunday B
39989SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14BANDITSPREDATORSU-8 Sunday A
39985SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16BOLT LIGHTNINGCOBRAI KAIU-8 Sunday A
39983SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15PEABODY INFERNOSUPERHEROSU-8 Sunday A
39987SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17 CHARGERSUNIVERSEU-8 Sunday A
39986SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17WILD THINGSOTTERSU-8 Sunday B
39988SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14 TITANSDRAGONSU-8 Sunday B
39990SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15SONICSFIRE BLAZEU-8 Sunday B
39984SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16CANNONBALLSBLUU-8 Sunday B
39997SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17SUPERHEROSBOLT LIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
39995SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16COBRAI KAI CHARGERSU-8 Sunday A
39991SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14PREDATORSPEABODY INFERNOU-8 Sunday A
39993SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15UNIVERSEBANDITSU-8 Sunday A
39996SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16OTTERS TITANSU-8 Sunday B
39994SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15DRAGONSSONICSU-8 Sunday B
39992SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14FIRE BLAZECANNONBALLSU-8 Sunday B
39998SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17BLUWILD THINGSU-8 Sunday B
39981SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 17COBRAI KAISUPERHEROSU-8 Sunday A
39975SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 14BANDITSPEABODY INFERNOU-8 Sunday A
39977SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 15PREDATORS CHARGERSU-8 Sunday A
39979SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 16UNIVERSEBOLT LIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
39978SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 15FIRE BLAZE TITANSU-8 Sunday B
39980SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 16DRAGONSWILD THINGSU-8 Sunday B
39976SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 14SONICSCANNONBALLSU-8 Sunday B
39982SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 17OTTERSBLUU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 1 & 2 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
40009SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12 LIONS GOLDEN BEARSU-8 Sunday A
40011SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10LIGHTNINGREBELSU-8 Sunday A
40007SundaySep 12, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11STRIKERSISLANDERSU-8 Sunday A
40010SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10 GALAXY GIRLS ROCKETSU-8 Sunday B
40008SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13PEABODY PRIDEMINI TANNERSU-8 Sunday B
40012SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11PANTHERSBREAKAWAYSU-8 Sunday B
40014SundaySep 12, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12TORNADOSHURRICANESU-8 Sunday B
40017SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12STRIKERS LIONS U-8 Sunday A
40013SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10ISLANDERSREBELSU-8 Sunday A
40015SundaySep 19, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11GOLDEN BEARSLIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
40022SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13PEABODY PRIDE GALAXY GIRLSU-8 Sunday B
40020SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12 ROCKETSPANTHERSU-8 Sunday B
40016SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10MINI TANNERSHURRICANESU-8 Sunday B
40018SundaySep 19, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11BREAKAWAYSTORNADOSU-8 Sunday B
40023SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12REBELSGOLDEN BEARSU-8 Sunday A
40021SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11LIGHTNINGSTRIKERSU-8 Sunday A
40019SundaySep 26, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10 LIONS ISLANDERSU-8 Sunday A
40030SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13HURRICANESBREAKAWAYSU-8 Sunday B
40028SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12TORNADOS ROCKETSU-8 Sunday B
40026SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11PANTHERSPEABODY PRIDEU-8 Sunday B
40024SundaySep 26, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10 GALAXY GIRLSMINI TANNERSU-8 Sunday B
40029SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12 LIONS LIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
40027SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11STRIKERSREBELSU-8 Sunday A
40025SundayOct 3, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10ISLANDERSGOLDEN BEARSU-8 Sunday A
40036SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12PEABODY PRIDETORNADOSU-8 Sunday B
40038SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13 GALAXY GIRLSPANTHERSU-8 Sunday B
40034SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11 ROCKETSHURRICANESU-8 Sunday B
40032SundayOct 3, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10MINI TANNERSBREAKAWAYSU-8 Sunday B
40041SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12REBELSLIGHTNINGU-8 Sunday A
40037SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10ISLANDERSSTRIKERSU-8 Sunday A
40039SundayOct 17, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11GOLDEN BEARS LIONS U-8 Sunday A
40050SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12PEABODY PRIDEBREAKAWAYSU-8 Sunday B
40054SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10PANTHERSTORNADOSU-8 Sunday B
40048SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11MINI TANNERS ROCKETSU-8 Sunday B
40052SundayOct 17, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13 GALAXY GIRLSHURRICANESU-8 Sunday B
40045SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11LIGHTNINGGOLDEN BEARSU-8 Sunday A
40047SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12 LIONS STRIKERSU-8 Sunday A
40043SundayOct 24, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10REBELSISLANDERSU-8 Sunday A
40058SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13 ROCKETSPEABODY PRIDEU-8 Sunday B
40056SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11HURRICANESPANTHERSU-8 Sunday B
40055SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10TORNADOSMINI TANNERSU-8 Sunday B
40057SundayOct 24, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12BREAKAWAYS GALAXY GIRLSU-8 Sunday B
40031SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 10LIGHTNINGISLANDERSU-8 Sunday A
40033SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 11REBELS LIONS U-8 Sunday A
40035SundayNov 7, 202112:00PMU-8 Field 12GOLDEN BEARSSTRIKERSU-8 Sunday A
40044SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 12HURRICANESPEABODY PRIDEU-8 Sunday B
40042SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 11TORNADOS GALAXY GIRLSU-8 Sunday B
40046SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 13BREAKAWAYS ROCKETSU-8 Sunday B
40040SundayNov 7, 20212:00PMU-8 Field 10PANTHERSMINI TANNERSU-8 Sunday B

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39927SaturdaySep 11, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2MustangsJaguars
39928SaturdaySep 11, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers
39930SaturdaySep 18, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1MustangsPanthers
39929SaturdaySep 18, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsTigers
39932SaturdaySep 25, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersMustangs
39931SaturdaySep 25, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2PanthersJaguars
39934SaturdayOct 2, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1TigersPanthers
39933SaturdayOct 2, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsMustangs
39938SaturdayOct 16, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1MustangsTigers
39937SaturdayOct 16, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2JaguarsPanthers
39940SaturdayOct 23, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersTigers
39939SaturdayOct 23, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2MustangsJaguars
39935SaturdayNov 6, 20218:30AM U-10 Field 2TigersJaguars
39936SaturdayNov 6, 20218:30AMU-10 Field 1PanthersMustangs

PYSA - Grades 3 & 4 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
39911SaturdaySep 11, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2DolphinsTidal Wave
39912SaturdaySep 11, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1SharksStingrays
39914SaturdaySep 18, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsSharks
39913SaturdaySep 18, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveStingrays
39916SaturdaySep 25, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1StingraysDolphins
39915SaturdaySep 25, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2SharksTidal Wave
39918SaturdayOct 2, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1StingraysSharks
39917SaturdayOct 2, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveDolphins
39922SaturdayOct 16, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsStingrays
39921SaturdayOct 16, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2Tidal WaveSharks
39923SaturdayOct 23, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1DolphinsTidal Wave
39924SaturdayOct 23, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2SharksStingrays
39919SaturdayNov 6, 202110:15AM U-10 Field 2StingraysTidal Wave
39920SaturdayNov 6, 202110:15AMU-10 Field 1SharksDolphins

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Boys

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
40071SaturdaySep 11, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8RebelsJaguars
40072SaturdaySep 18, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8JaguarsRebels
40073SaturdaySep 25, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8RebelsJaguars
40074SaturdayOct 2, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8JaguarsRebels
40076SaturdayOct 16, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8JaguarsRebels
40077SaturdayOct 23, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8RebelsJaguars
40075SaturdayNov 6, 202110:15AM U-12 Field 8RebelsJaguars

PYSA - Grades 5 & 6 Girls

IDDoWDateTimeLocationHome TeamAway TeamSubdivision
40063SaturdaySep 11, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8HawksBlue Jays
40064SaturdaySep 18, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8Blue JaysHawks
40065SaturdaySep 25, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8HawksBlue Jays
40066SaturdayOct 2, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8Blue JaysHawks
40068SaturdayOct 16, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8Blue JaysHawks
40069SaturdayOct 23, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8HawksBlue Jays
40067SaturdayNov 6, 20218:30AM U-12 Field 8HawksBlue Jays