Parents and Caregivers

In order to have a season we must comply with all regulations set forth by the State of Massachusetts, Mass Youth Soccer, and Local Authorities. Per those regulations the league will be following the standards below; which are subject to change depending upon guidance from authorities.

Health Confirmation

  1. Coaches will be sending parents an email, text or app request 24-48 hours before each practice, game or other team event; that will ask you 3 questions about the health of your child. If you answer yes to any of the questions the player must stay home.
    1. Are you sick or experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms? (I.e. temperature of 100.3 or above, cough, difficulty breathing etc.)
    2. Have you or your child been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or been encouraged to self-quarantine?
    3. Have you visited a state that is on the State of Massachusetts Restricted Travel list?
  2. If no response is provided to the coach and the child comes to the field anyway the parent must check in with the coach to verbally affirm the child’s health. 
    1. If no affirmation is obtained the child cannot participate in the event and will be asked to sit on the sidelines.
  3. Parents are encouraged to take their child’s temperature before each event to ensure the child is healthy and is OK to play.

Contact Tracing

  1. Your team’s Coach or COVID Coordinator will be recording all players and coaches who are in attendance at each soccer event.
  2. These records will be used to help the Peabody Health Department and Peabody Soccer to notify individuals in the event of a possible or confirmed case of COVID 19.


  1. Ear-Loop Masks will be worn by all participants during all soccer activities.
  2. Players are able to remove their masks while actively drinking water but must put them back in place right after.
  3. Spectators, Coaches, referees & Staff are all required to wear at all times during soccer events.

Hygiene Practices

  1. Shared equipment use is not allowed so all players must have their own equipment for each soccer event.
    1. Ear-Loop Mask
    2. Soccer Ball (Size 3,4,or5 based off age group)
    3. Cleats
    4. Shin-guards
    5. Socks
    6. Goalie gloves if they want to play goalie
    7. Hand Sanitizer
    8. Personal Tissues
    9. Water Bottle
    10. Towel to sit on
  2. Hand Sanitizer is to be used before, after, and during breaks or transitions at games and practices.
  3. Players’ personal equipment ball, shin guards, cleats, goalie gloves etc. should be disinfected after each use.
  4. Players will need to wash their uniforms after each use and are encouraged to wear either a blue or white t-shirt to practice so that the game uniform will not need to be cleaned more than 1x per week
  5. Coaches and staff will only be allowed to place equipment needed for practice drills or games as they will need to be cleaned after each use.

Physical Distancing

  1. Players will place their belongings in dedicated locations assigned by the coaching staff to allow for proper spacing during water breaks etc.
  2. During Practices and  Game Days Spectators will be limited 2 people in order to allow each player to have someone present.
    1. Spectator Zones will be marked next to each field
    2. Parents should try to keep 6ft apart as much as possible while on the sidelines
  3. Players should be arriving at the field about 5 minutes before their scheduled practice or game to allow for all participants to leave the field and parking lot prior to the next teams’ arrival.

Please review the included links to familiarize yourself with the Return to Soccer activities that have been set by Mass Youth Soccer Association.

As the guidance changes we will take the necessary steps to put those changes in place and keep you updated.